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Making Of A Porno Movie

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Year: 1985
Director: Jose Benazeraf
Language: French
Country: France
Length: 00h 54min 26sec

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Jose Benazeraf

Marianne Aubert Laura Clair Olivia Flores

Sabina Karen Richard Lemieuvre Laura May

Cathy Menard Fanny Noёl John Oury Gabriel Pontello

Michelle Villers

Even Hollywood would blush! There’s no business like the porn business and you can be sure that it’s like no business you’ll ever know! Some actresses can be quite temperamental-that’s where the director comes in. He has to stimulate these sexpots to get them in the mood. Soon the cameras (and the crew) are rolling! No need to call for ‘action’ because everyone gets in the swing of things before you know it. It’s a sure bet that this production has to use safety film- because if they didn’t there would be an explosion from all the frantic and furious activity. – Retro Sex Gallery – Indescribable Retro Lesbian – Vintage Cum Compilation.

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Traci, I Love You Classic Porn Movie

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Year: 1987
Director: Jean-Pierre Floran
Language: English
Country: USA
Length: 01h 23min 26sec

This is a story of a glamour photographer’s fixation with a beautiful model named Traci. He finds her image to be the very essence of sensuality. She finally agrees to pose for him and they begin a love affair, where he helps her to explore her sexuality through his underworld connections


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