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SafeCracker 1991 Classic Porn Movie

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SafeCracker 1991 Classic Porn Movie

Year: 1991
Director: Britt Morgan
Language: English
Country: USA
Length: 01h 18min 43sec

Britt’s the bank manager. Her and Jeanna and Angela Summers “borrow” a bunch of money from the bank. Joey Silvera is the bank examiner. He discovers the missing money. So Jeanna and Angela get their boyfriends to stage a fake bank robbery to get the money to cover the real heist. And all along the way, everybody goes down on everybody, everybody screws, and the sex action’s always incredibly hot! Because this is a porno movie, not The Sting! And besides, in The Sting people went to jail. In SafeCracker, everybody gets off!

Here are some photo shot of SafeCracker 1991:

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